International Mediation: Breaking business deadlock by Eileen Carroll QC & Dr Karl Mackie CBE third edition August 2016 paperback Bloomsbury Professional United Kingdom pages 258 + xvii isbn 978 1 78451 245 3 price: £54.99

This is an excellent Book by two internationally acknowledged experts, pioneers and practitioners in the field of Mediation, which will appeal to a wide readership, including sports lawyers, sports administrators, promoters and marketers. With so much money circulating in sport … Continue reading

English football for sale!

By Samuel J. Vinck & Jonathan Himpe * The Daily Telegraph’s undercover investigation English football has become more than just a game. It has become a multibillion-pound business in which, over the next three seasons, a £5.136 billion television deal … Continue reading


The School of Law invites you to attend a Lecture by   Professor Dr Ian Blackshaw, International Sports Lawyer ‘Is there such a thing as sports law?’   And   David Barniville Senior Counsel ‘The Work of the Irish Sport … Continue reading