With great pleasure, we welcome readers to the December 2015 edition (citation: GSLTR 2015/4) of our ground-breaking journal and on-line database (www.gsltr.com/): Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports (GSLTR). Another year has passed and brought with it its own veritable … Continue reading

Financial vulnerability of professional athletes An analysis of the problem and a suggested course of action

by Athena Constantinou[1]   Introduction There is widespread public belief that athletes after retirement are financially set for life, living in mansions with unlimited money to spend. At the same time, stories of athletes going bankrupt, during or after their … Continue reading

United States of America: Tax planning for incoming individual professional athletes and artists

by Dr. John E. Karaffa[1] CPA/PFS, CFP® of ProSport CPA PLLC   Introduction Little doubt exists about the resolve of the United States’ government towards its tax collection and enforcement efforts aimed at foreign professional athletes. Just ask Brazilian Indy … Continue reading

Model policy HMRC’s response to the OECD July 2014 update to art. 17 of the Model Tax Convention and Commentary

by Euan Lawson[2]   In December 2014, the UK revenue authority, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), updated its guidance on the taxation of foreign sportspersons and entertainers performing in the UK. The updated guidance takes account of the changes … Continue reading