IOC: New Anti-Corruption Code introduced

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Against the background of and in response to the widespread corruption scandals that have come to light in FIFA and the IAAF, which have tarnished and threaten the integrity of sport, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued a new framework Anti-Corruption Code, entitled, ‘The Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions’, for sports bodies to follow and implement.

This Code lays down a minimum set of regulations, but, as the IOC points out, sports bodies are free to introduce more stringent regulations in their respective sports.

Introducing the Code, the IOC President, Dr Thomas Bach, stated that the Code is the result of “a joint effort of various key stakeholders of the Olympic Movement, particularly the International Federations, and [is] another tangible outcome of Olympic Agenda 2020.”

Not only are members of the Olympic Movement called upon to implement the Code, but also, in order to ensure its application, to undertake educational measures for their officials, judges and referees, as well as for their delegations to international and multi-sports events. T

Let us hope that this new Code is widely implemented by sports bodies and makes a big difference in the fight against ridding sport of corruption in all its despicable and unsporting forms – and very soon!

Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw is an International Sports Lawyer, Academic and Author, who may be contacted by e-mail at ‘’