New book on International Sports Law published

A new Book entitled ‘International Sports Law: An Introductory Guide’ has just been published by the Asser Press in The Hague, The Netherlands, in their ‘Short Studies in International Law’ series.

The author is Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw, who, amongst other things, is already a published author and the Consulting Editor of ‘Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports’ (GSLTR) and also a regular contributor of articles and posts to GSLTR and its official website ( on topical sports law matters and developments.

The Book is published in two formats: Hardback and as an eBook.

A review of the Book will shortly be published on the GSLTR website.

In the meantime, further details of the Book may be obtained from the Publishers on their website at ‘’.

Dr Rijkele Betten, Proprietor & Managing Editor GSLTR, who may be contacted by e-mail at ‘’