AIBA: President Wu provisionally suspended pending Extraordinary Congress in January 2018 – the sad saga continues!

By Dr. Thilo Pachmann & Alexander Theiler[1]

After his suspension earlier in October of this year by the AIBA Internal Disciplinary Commission, President Ching-Kuo Wu has been suspended by the AIBA Executive Committee (EC) as well in a unanimous vote of 14-0 following a recent two-day meeting in Dubai.

This new development came after the EC allegedly uncovered “additional revelations of wrongdoings” by Wu, which can be found in detail in a statement published on the official AIBA website (

These alleged wrongdoings mainly relate to financial mismanagement, including failure to provide accurate information on the AIBA current financial situation, of which Wu has been warned in documents from internal officers and external auditors.

In addition, Wu is also accused of having “secret plans to replace elected officials on the Executive Committee and elected bodies of National Federations by a professional boxing promoter” which goes against the AIBA Statutes.

“Some of the findings were absolutely shocking. We would have never imagined his attempts to transform our organization into his own personal business, disregarding the AIBA Statutes” according to Canadian EC member, Pat Fiacco.

“We have never faced a situation like this in the entire history of boxing. We are fortunate that the decision of the Disciplinary Commission Chairman saved our organization by immediately suspending the powers of Mr Wu, who was continuing to dismiss the members of EC and EC bureau even though he has absolutely no power to do so” remarked Franco Falcinelli, the recently-named AIBA Interim President.

Wu has also appealed to the District Court of Lausanne against this latest suspension. The Court was to hear the case last Friday (10 November 2017), after the requested ex-parte measures by Wu had been rejected. Yet no decision has been made public. In a statement, Wu said he is awaiting a Court decision proving all decisions made by the Disciplinary Commission and Executive Committee were illegal from the beginning.

In the meantime, planning is already progressing for the long-awaited Extraordinary Congress to finally be held in January 2018, also in Dubai, where a no-confidence motion will be submitted to a vote of all the attending National Federations.

By now, more than 80 of them, including those from the US, Russia, Canada, Brazil and Cuba, have already made written statements confirming their support for the final suspension of President Wu, in order to restore confidence in the troubled AIBA organization.

[1] Dr. Thilo Pachmann and Alexander Theiler of Pachmann Attorneys at Law, Zurich, Switzerland, and they can be reached by e-mail at ‘’ and ‘’