E-Sports: Fashion in Gaming

By Emre Bilginoglu, Attorney-at-Law, Istanbul, Turkey

It was about time for an e-sports organization to appoint an apparel partner.

Counter Logic Gaming’s Fortnite team will put on stylish apparel in the upcoming first-ever Fortnite e-sports world cup, which will, take place on 26-28 July 2019 in New City, with a prize pool of US$ 30 million. The winner will be US$ 3 million better off!

One hundred of the top solo players will be invited, as well as well as the top fifty duos teams.

The innovative sportswear company concerned in this sponsorship deal is none other than FILA, a South Korean-owned sports goods company.

With this move, FILA will have the chance to promote their brand to Fortnite viewers and e-sports enthusiasts through Twitch and the social media.

FILA wanted to catch the e-sports train, sharing seats with ADIDAS and NIKE.

More sportswear companies will definitely follow suit!


Emre Bilginoglu, who is also admitted to practise Law in the State of New York, USA, may be contacted by e-mail at ‘emre@caglayanyalcin.com’