E-Sports: Kenya to Host African E-Sports Championship!

By Emre Bilginoglu, Attorney-at-Law, Istanbul, Turkey

Due to its youthful population, Africa is an essential market for e-sports.

However, it is wide open to development as major game publishers have not yet fully invested in the region.

Nevertheless, the African e-sports community is doing their best, with limited sources, to meet the local demand.

As part of this endeavour, the African E-sports Championship will be held in Kenya this August.

This event is important in the sense that African e-sports deserves the attention of major publishers.

And, these types of events would give experience to organizers, players and spectators, which is quite vital in bringing growth and stability to the African e-sports ecosystem.


Emre Bilginoglu, who is also admitted to practise Law in the State of New York, USA, may be contacted by e-mail at ‘emre@caglayanyalcin.com’