The Managing Editor and Consulting Editor of GSLTR wish to warmly congratulate one of our regular contributors on Equestrian legal issues to the GSLTR Website and the Journal, Laura Donnellan, on being awarded her PhD by the University of Limerick, where she is a  lecturer and a researcher on ‘Sport and the Law’ and ‘Animals and the Law’ in the School of Law.

She successfully defended her Thesis on the following subject:

In applying Norbert Elias’s Civilizing Process to Fox Hunting and Horseracing, are contemporary versions of both ‘sports’ characterised by an increase in regulation and supervision with a concomitant decline in violence against animals?’

The award will be conferred on her at a graduation ceremony at the University in August.

We wish her continued success in her legal academic career and look forward to her further contributions to GSLTR!

Dr Rijkele Betten

Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw