Football: Fans demand changes to UEFA Champions and Europa League finals

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham fans have won unanimous support from Football Supporters Europe (FSE) for changes to the finals of these major European competitions to make them more accessible to football fans.

FSE, which represents football fans throughout Europe, will now present UEFA with the following six proposals:

  • 80% of tickets should be allocated equally to the supporters of the two competing teams, with the remaining 20% for sponsors, the football family, key stakeholders and a small general sale or ballot;
  • Ticket prices should be fair and affordable, with 45% at the lowest category of €70 (2019 prices);
  • Stadiums must have sufficient capacity: 75,000 or more for the Champions League and 55,000 or more for the Europa League finals;
  • Stadiums must have the highest accessibility standards for disabled fans, with sufficient food and drink outlets and washrooms;
  • Final venues must be cities with excellent transport links, including charter flights capacity, as well as sufficient bed space; and
  • Host countries should not apply any form of discrimination to players or supporters, but fully respect their human rights.

Fans groups have warned UEFA that “we are no longer going to tolerate your dismissal of fans!”

UEFA will be well advised to heed this warning and implement these proposals.

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