Football: Ronaldo Rape Case Dropped!

By Athena Constantinou, Managing Director, APC Sports Consulting, Nicosia, Cyprus

As a follow up to my GSLTR website post of 5 October 2018, it has been announced that the Portuguese super football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus, will not now face criminal charges that he allegedly raped a woman in a Las Vegas Hotel in 2009.

The Las Vegas Police Department, confirmed on 2 October 2018, that it had reopened an investigation into the claim of rape, stating that the claimant had not named any suspect at the time.

Kathryn Mayorga alleged that Ronaldo forced her to have sex with him at a Las Vegas Hotel, but Ronaldo has, all along, denied these allegations, claiming that the sex that took place between them was consensual.

On 22 July 2019, Clark County District Attorney, Steven B. Wolfson, said that there was insufficient evidence to prove the allegations against Ronaldo ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ (the criminal law standard of proof) and, therefore, the charges against him were being dropped.

Although vindicated, the whole sordid affair will leave a stain on Ronald’s character and is bound, therefore, to tarnish his multi-million-dollar brand, to some extent.

Also, Ronaldo is not yet entirely off the legal hook.

He still faces a civil law suit in the Federal Court brought by his accuser, in which she claims that the footballer initially used ‘fixers’ to stop her pursuing criminal charges against him, including paying her U$375,000 for her silence, and that he has breached the terms of the corresponding NDA entered into in 2010. Another pay-out looms?

So far, there has been no reaction from Ronaldo or his lawyer to these latest developments.

The sad saga continues and will cast a dark shadow over Ronaldo’s personality and character for some time to come!

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