Coronavirus Pandemic: Resumption of Basketball in the US

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The Coronavirus Pandemic in the US has infected 1,965,708 persons and claimed the lives of 111,390 persons, as well as wreaking havoc on sport and sporting events, resulting in cancellations, postponements and suspensions.

However, the rest of the 2020 NBA season, which was suspended on 11 March, is set to resume on 31 July at an unusual venue, namely, at the Disney World Resort in Florida.

This has been chosen because of its hotels, thus providing some degree of biosecurity.

The games will be played in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, which includes a 5,000-seat indoor basketball facility.

All 22 teams taking part will be based at the resort and the games will be played without spectators to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

The latest finishing date for the season will be 12 October.

The NBA Board of Directors approved the arrangements on 4 June.

Perhaps sport is getting back to some kind of normality – as the French say: on verra!

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