Cricket: The Jofra Archer Affair

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The England pace bowler, Jofra Archer, aged 25, has been dropped from the team for the Second Test against the West Indies being played, without spectators, at Old Trafford, Manchester, for breaching the bio-security protocols in place to keep the players safe from the Coronavirus.

After the First Test, he travelled to his home in Brighton, stayed there for a short time, and then returned to Manchester for the start of the Second Test on 16 July.

During his time at home, he met someone, who has since returned a negative test for test for the virus.

Archer must now self-isolate for five days and return two negative tests for the virus before he can return to the England team.

He will also face disciplinary proceedings from the England and Wales Cricket Board, which could result in a substantial fine being imposed on him, particularly as his behaviour could have cost the sport millions of pounds in lost broadcast revenues.

Archer has said how very sorry he is for this breach of the protocols and this and his young age may be taken into account when determining the outcome of the disciplinary proceedings.

As has already been demonstrated, the Coronavirus not only has serious health implications but also economic ones!

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