Motor Racing: Formula One Grand Prix Racing Resumes!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) is happy with the precautions, described as “immaculate”, put in place to allow Formual One (F1) to resume the 2020 season – the first ten races having been cancelled ¬†due to COVID-19 – starting with the Austrian Grand Prix at Spielberg on 5 July.

Aex Wurz, chairman of the GPDA, stated that:

“Motor racing has been a pioneer in safety.”

And added:

“Right now it’s not about saving a driver’s life or a spectator or a marshall but the whole safety protocol, analysing it and identifying strengths and weaknesses. What we have now, the idea of a closed-loop system at a race venue is really impressive.”

Wurz believes that F1 is in a position to provide an example of best practice for other sports that are planning to resume their events. F1 has involved safety specialists and global health experts to advise them.

The Austrian Grand Prix will be staged without spectators, but it is hoped that fans will be able to attend later events, although the British Grand Prix, due to take place at Silverstone on 19 July, will be staged without spectators.

F1 finances have been hit, with so many races called off, and smaller teams, in particular, face a very uncertain future.

C’est la vie!


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