Anti-money laundering in sport

The Managing Editor, Dr Rijkele Betten, and the Consulting Editor, Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw, of ‘Sports Law and Taxation’ would like to congratulate Athena Constantinou, the Managing Director of APC Sports Consulting, Nicosia, Cyprus, one of our regular contributors to the Journal and the Website, on passing the exam to become a Certified Member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) .

She will be able to provide expert professional advice and guidance to sports governing bodies and associations, as well as sports clubs, especially football clubs, and sports persons, in relation to a wide range of services in the fight against money laundering through sport, which undermines the integrity and essential nature of sport and sporting events.

In the sophisticated times in which we live, the fight to keep sport clean from wide-ranging forms of corruption is an ongoing battle and requires the expertise of professionals.

Amongst other things, for example, Athena Constantinou will be able to investigate and advise on good governance practices and procedures to identify the sources of sponsorship funds to satisfy sponsored sporting organisations and events and sponsored sports clubs, as well as sports persons themselves, that such funds do not emanate from money laundering activities, especially through drug trafficking and other criminal operations.

For more information on ACAMS, please log onto their official website at ‘’.

Athena Constantinou may be contacted by e-mail at ‘’