Football: UEFA Sanctions Clubs following the European Super League Debacle!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

The Governing Body of European Football, UEFA, has imposed financial sanctions on nine of the twelve Football Clubs involved in the proposed European Super League (ESL), including the six leading English Premier League Clubs.

The nine Clubs concerned are:




Manchester City;

Manchester United;

Tottenham Hotspur;

AC Milan;

Inter Milan; and

Atletico Madrid.

All these Clubs have committed to UEFA and its European Competitions and have agreed to contribute a combined sum of €15 million as a goodwill contribution to benefit children’s and grassroots’ football throughout Europe.

In addition, 5% of UEFA Competition revenues will be withheld from them for one season, beginning in 2023-24, and these funds will be redistributed in Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Joel Glazer, the Co-Chairman of Manchester United will pay his Club’s portion of this goodwill contribution and the competition revenue will also not be borne by the Club.

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, the owners of Arsenal, will bear all costs incurred by the EFL, and Tottenham has stated that: “any fines will be the responsibility of the owners.”

The nine clubs will also face fines of €100 million each, if they seek to join any unauthorised competitions in the future, and a fine of €50 million if they breach any other terms of their commitment to UEFA.

They will also rejoin the football lobbying group the European Club Association.

Aleksander Ceferin, the President of UEFA, stated:

In accepting their commitment and willingness to repair the disruption they caused, UEFA wants to put this chapter behind it and move forward in a positive spirit.”

And added:

“These clubs recognised their mistakes quickly and have taken action to demonstrate their contrition and commitment to European football.”

However, the three other clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, have not committed to UEFA and remain involved in the ESL, and, thus, according to Ceferin, these clubs will face disciplinary action and be dealt with by UEFA subsequently.

It may be noted, en passant, that the fine of €100 million, mentioned above, might not, depending upon the circumstances, be enforceable under EU and National Competition Law, but this remains to be seen!

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