Football: European Super League Dead?

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Is the European Super League (ESL), which was killed off by football fans and the media alike at the end of April of this year, dead?

According to a report in ‘The Sunday Times’ of 20 June 2021 the ESL is not dead but just “resting”.

It is on hold pending a come back of the project in a modified financial form later this year or next.

The organisers claim that the football world faces a financial crisis, as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and that justifies the formation of a new League.

According to the President of Real Madrid Football Club, Florentino Perez, the principal leader of the breakaway group, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have not abandoned the project.

These are the remaining clubs, after the six English Premier League clubs, together with AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid, pulled out of the project.

The remaining three clubs claim that they are free to break away and that the World and European Association Football Governing Bodies, FIFA and UEFA, would be breaking Competition Law if they tried to stop them by banning them from domestic leagues and international football tournaments.

They are also reported as saying that a case has been filed at the European Court of Justice, with a view to determining whether these Bodies have the exclusive right to organise football competitions.

No doubt, they will be relying on, amongst other cases, the recent Decision of the European General Court in the ISU case (see the Post on the SLT website of 2 February 2021).

For what it may be worth, the author of this Post considers that they may well be right in their claim.

But, we will have to wait a year or two to find out!

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