Tennis: You are never too old to play!

By Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw

Leonid Stanislavskyi is believed to be the world’s oldest competitive tennis player.

He is Ukrainian and aged 97 and is still competing in world and European tennis championships for seniors and outplaying younger competitors.

However, he is not moving around the court as fast as he used to before.

He started playing tennis when he was 30 years old and has since been training three times a week.

He is currently training for the 2021-Super-Seniors’ World Championship, schedule to be held in Mallorca, Spain, in October this year.

In fact, the International Tennis Federation has introduced, for the first time, a 90-and-over age group in this year’s event.

Stainslavskyi stated that tennis:

is a good physical exercise ….. [and] ….. you can play no matter what age you are.”

He attributed his longevity to good genes and regular sport.

So, take note!

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