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Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports

Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports feature: articles; comparative surveys; commentaries on topical sports legal and tax issues and documentation.

The unique feature of Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports is that this Journal combines for the first time up to-date valuable and must-have information on the legal and tax aspects of sport and their interrelationships.

Legal Topics featured include:

– Intellectual Property Law including Sports Image Rights

– Sports Marketing Agreements including Sponsorship & Merchandising

– EU Competition Law and Sport

– Sports TV Rights and their commercialisation

-Labour Law and Sport including eligibility and transfer issues

– Doping and its Financial Consequences

Tax Topics featured include:

-Tax Treatment of Sports Image Rights

– Tax Residence of Sports Persons

– Tax Treatment of Sports Marketing Agreements

– Double Taxation Issues

– Tax Planning for High Net Worth Sports Persons

– VAT Issues

The Editors

The editors of  the Journal Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports are Professor Ian Blackshaw and Dr Rijkele Betten, with specialist contributions from the world’s leading practitioners and academics in the sports law and taxation fields.

Prof. Ian Blackshaw is a well-known and acknowledged leading international sports lawyer and academic, active in many sports law associations and a Member of the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also a prolific author of Books and Articles and regular Speaker at International Seminars and Conferences on various aspects of Sports Law, including the business side of Sport, which is now a global industry worth more than 3% of world trade.

Dr Rijkele Betten is likewise involved in the field of international tax. Since 1985, he has been publishing and speaking on international tax law at many international events, and during the past 10 years has specialized in international tax issues impacting on the mega incomes to be derived by sports persons, sports event organisers, sports marketers and broadcasters from sports and associated activities. Messrs. Blackshaw and Betten have each built up a prodigious personal and professional network of experts and contacts worldwide, and through these networks they are able to offer subscribers to Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports very valuable information and practical insights of a topical nature at the highest possible levels.

The Publishers

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Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports (GSLTR)

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Subsequent year’s issues will be published in March, June, September, and December.

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